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Welcome to Earlux—the widest choice of affordable hearing solutions. For everyone.

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Answer 7 Simple Questions

Tell us a little about your hearing needs, and we’ll suggest the best options for you.
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Get a snapshot of your hearing health today!

Dr. Cory Cook, Earlux

Earlux is different because we don’t want you to buy hearing aids
unless you really need them. We look at your total hearing health
and focus on what most matters to you.

What People Are Saying

“I compare the day I got my hearing aids to the day I birthed my kids. That life-changing. That wonderful”

Karlee D., Salt Lake City, UT

“Earlux was so friendly, caring,
and so attentive to detail.”

Jon W., Phoenix, AZ

You Have Choices

When it comes to hearing health, everyone has different needs. “Hearing
aids” are just one option, and we can give you the best. But there are many
others. So let’s find out what’s right for you
What do you most need? Take your pick!
Protection for your ears
A little help in noisy environments
Less ringing
and buzzing
in your ears
support from
a top-rated
Earlux offers a whole range of solutions. And they’re all available online.
Our 7 Simple Questions will reveal your best next step.

“I’m Here for a Loved One”

Ok, your hearing is just fine! But you’re concerned about a spouse, parent, child or someone else you care about..

You may be wondering: “How can I persuade them to take action on this?” Watch this short video from Dr. Cory Cook. Then answer our 7 Simple Questions on their behalf.

Online Hearing Test

Want to see if your hearing could be helped? Take the online test. IMPORTANT REMINDER: None of our solutions will weaken your hearing by making you dependent on technology. So go ahead and test now!

Test your Hearing

Basic Help

If your hearing is mostly good, you may still struggle to catch what people are saying in noisy environments. In that case, you could use an occasional boost at certain times — like someone who uses reading glasses.

Take a look at these affordable solutions you can buy right now. No prescription needed.

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Full Service Solutions

Your online test may suggest you need the ultimate in hearing health support. Full service solutions from Earlux cover everything:

  • • The most advanced prescription hearing aids available

  • • Earlux Cortex-5 device programming

  • • Bluetooth connection to your phone

  • • Streaming music

  • • Choice of barely visible and invisible devices

Here’s the important point: the hearing devices alone won’t give you the best results. They must be “tuned” when they’re first fitted, and then adjusted over time to match your needs. And that requires the skill of a fully licensed audiologist.

The good news from Earlux: you receive all this care in your own home, even the fitting and tuning of your device.

Not sure what’s right for you? Talk to an expert! Our highly trained Hearing Pros are standing by to help.

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Tinnitus: Why Suffer?

Tinnitus, or ringing in the ears, can be annoying or worse. For some people, it makes life miserable. You don’t have to suffer.

Depending on the cause and the severity, there are great solutions for you that can make a huge difference to your day-to-day life. One remarkable new technology is a device you wear on your wrist!

Let our Earlux specialists guide you.

Find Out More

Protect Your
Hearing Health

Rock concerts, shooting, noisy machinery, using earphones… all these and more can gradually hurt your hearing. Now is the best time to step in and protect your ears.

Earlux has the highest quality products to keep your hearing safe. Take a look.

See Protection Products

Train Your Hearing

Whatever your level of need, you may benefit from an easy online program to train your hearing.

The fact is, you hear with your brain. Your ears just deliver the sound. It’s your brain that processes the sound to understand what’s being said. This is where training comes in.

Our affordable online program can help you hear better, whatever device you use — or none.

Start Your Hearing Training

About Earlux

The mission of Earlux is to bring hearing health to everyone. That means personal connection is as important to us as technology. In other words, we’re not just a company — we’re a community.

Founded by a doctor of audiology and a creative entrepreneur, Earlux is defining a whole new approach to hearing health. For you, that means far more choices and a truly personalized service.

Get to Know Us
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