Covid-19 Protocol

Earlux is uniquely positioned to keep you safe.

The hearing world is in uncharted territory due to the 2020 Covid-19 Pandemic. Many clinics nationwide shut their doors to slow the spread, which also shut out many who needed hearing care. Virus or no virus, all deserve to hear their best each day. Save yourself from the germs in the clinic, the traffic, and the unknown people you encounter along the way with Earlux.

Earlux Hearing Pros

Held to Earlux Covid-19 standard

The Earlux Hearing Pros are tested daily for elevated temperature and any other Covid-19 symptoms.  Hearing Pros must be symptom-free in order to be eligible  to fulfill any customer appointments.  Protective masks, sanitized-hands, are standard protocol.  Rubber gloves will also be worn if requested by the customer.  The safety and health of our customers is of paramount importance.

Hearing Providers

Telehealth is contactless

All of our Earlux Hearing Providers will be visiting you using a contactless consultation method via telehealth. Don’t worry you will get all of their wisdom and professionalism as you would in a normal face to face interaction, without any risk of adding unwanted germs of a clinic.

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