Meet your new hearing clinic.

Your home is the new hearing clinic of the 21st century.


Becomes a mainstay of healthcare in 2020

“83% of patients felt that the quality of virtual doctors visits were as good or superior than a traditional in-office visit.”

“In a few years, the idea of receiving medical treatment exclusively at a doctors office or hospital will seem old-fashioned.”

Top Audiologists

Delivered to the comfort of your own home.

Innovation is what has made America great. The plow gave way to the tractor and the horse and buggy eventually gave way to the automobile. Hearing Healthcare in America is changing as the best Doctors and Hearing Professionals are being selected nationwide to join the coveted Earlux Provider Family and delivered to your home.

Before Earlux, getting hearing help felt like it was a 20 foot-jump mentally and financially for me. These guys made it feel more like a two-inch jump. The wife is now extremely happy and I feel alive again.

James F./ Prescott, Az

Follow-up visits

Made easy via mobile app


Fine tunings in
real time, from
the doctor direct
to your ears


Avoid the waiting
rooms and hassle
of traffic or finding
a ride to the office


Video chat with
your Audiologist
conveniently from
your living room

100% Money-back guarantee

At Earlux, we understand that not everything in life works out as planned. Rest easy knowing that you are covered by our  30-day money-back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with your purchase, we will see to it that you are refunded your purchase price.


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    Customer Review

    “After getting three other sets in two different states over the past 15 years, I must say this is my best hearing experience to date by a country mile.”

    Anne G. Granbury, TX

    Customer Review

    “An impressive operation this company is building. There is no question in my mind, that this is the future of hearing healthcare.”

    Randy S. Dallas, TX