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Avoid the waiting rooms and hassle of traffic or finding a ride to the clinic.


Old-fashioned service in the privacy of your own home. As it should be.


Top audiologists and hearing professionals in America, doing top quality work.


Unprecedented clarity; without breaking the piggy-bank in the process.

America’s Top Providers


Data shows over 85% of all hearing devices nationwide are actually fitted incorrectly. This astounding statistic is sobering and unacceptable. Odds are, the best healthcare providers in America don’t live within reasonable driving distance of your city. Earlux sifts throughout America to find the cream of the crop to deliver your care. Earlux not only gives you the best products — but also, the best people.

Before Earlux, getting hearing help felt like it was a 20 foot-jump mentally and financially for me. These guys made it feel more like a two-inch jump. The wife is now extremely happy and I feel alive again.

James F./ Prescott, Az


For years, traditional hearing clinics have used enormous overhead and expensive marketing campaigns to get you in their doors. This has pushed the best devices and professionals out of reach of the common person. Most settle for less than the best and are less than impressed. Enter Earlux.

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