Sony CRE-C10

OTC In-the-Ear Hearing Aids

If looks are your priority, you can relax with Sony CRE-C10. Here’s a solution from a trusted brand that offers a sleek, almost invisible device you slip inside your ear.

Developed in conjunction with top audiologists, these discreet hearing aids offer the sound quality you’d expect from Sony with easy controls to personalize your experience.

Adaptable and Responsive

Moment by moment, advanced technology automatically analyzes the sound you receive based on your surroundings. It adjusts and optimizes the incoming sound to give you the clearest listening experience.

In addition, these Sony earbuds are linked wirelessly to deliver high-quality noise reduction. Whatever your environment, you can focus on what you most want to hear.

Personalize Your Hearing Experience

The Sony Hearing Control app lets you define your personal Hearing Profile. You can begin by listening at app-recommended levels, and then adjust these to suit your preferences.

Using the app, you can quickly adjust the volume and sound quality of your devices, so you get a more customized hearing experience in every situation.

Long-Lasting Batteries

Sony CRE-C10 uses traditional Size 10 Air batteries that quickly recharge in an attractive jewel case. The batteries last for up to 70 hours of continuous use, making this one of the most convenient over-the-counter solutions.

Exceptional Comfort and Ease

The compact design of Sony CRE-C10 makes them feel so light in your ears, you’ll hardly know they’re there. You get a choice of soft ear tip sizes to maximize your comfort. These device are super-easy to set up, using the special mobile app that comes with Sony CRE-C10.