Hear Better for Less.

Our exclusive doctor-led Full Service Solution gives you everything you need in the comfort of your own home, at affordable prices.

Here’s what you can expect with a Full Service Solution from Earlux:
  • The Earlux online service is as good — or better — than visiting a bricks-and-mortar clinic.
  • Your expert team will be led by a doctor of audiology.
  • You’ll get the highest quality hearing devices, independently selected to match your needs.
  • You’ll enjoy the best prices because we don’t have the cost of a physical clinic.
  • You’ll love your new hearing devices, or we’ll refund all your money.
  • You can choose between invisible and barely visible hearing devices.
  • You won’t weaken your hearing by using our devices.
  • You can connect to easily stream music and phone calls with Bluetooth connection.
  • You can easily adjust and recharge your own hearing devices.
  • You’ll receive ongoing support from our audiology experts as long as you need it.
  • You’ll have less ringing in your ears if that’s a problem for you.
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“I travel a lot for work and my doctor can adjust my hearing aids anywhere in the world”

Buzz W., Twin Falls, ID

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“My husband is only in his early 30s. His hearing aids are something now he feels like he could never live without”

Amy B., Charlotte, NC

An Easy 3-Step Process

The Earlux team will lead you on the fastest path to the hearing solution that’s right for you.


First Consultation

At your first consultation you’ll meet your Earlux Hearing Pro, who is trained and equipped to help you find the right prescription devices for you. A licensed audiology provider will carefully review your prescription.


Expert Fitting

The Earlux online service makes the fitting easy and comfortable. It’s actually better to do the device fitting in your home on a video call. That’s because we can check your everyday hearing in a real-life setting.


Tuning & Support

Our follow-up support will show you how passionate we are about hearing health for everyone. You’ll get all the follow-up care you need by video calls with your doctor-led team.

The Six Keys to Healthier

Let’s get one thing clear. Just buying hearing aids won’t solve your hearing problems, no matter how good they are. Research shows that an astounding 85% of hearing devices are fitted incorrectly! Expert support is needed at every step.
This is what you’ll get from your Earlux doctor-led team:


An accurate, real-world assessment of your hearing


The right technology chosen to match your needs and budget


Careful fitting and “tuning” of your new devices for maximum comfort


Outstanding hearing performance day after day


Time for your brain to get used to a new way of hearing


Thorough, expert follow-up to adjust your devices for maximum comfort

You May Also Benefit From:

Helpful education so you understand your hearing issues
Online hearing training to get the best from your devices
Hearing protection for extra-loud situations
All of these and more are available from Earlux.
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“I can now hear people in background noise.”

Greg W., Salt Lake City, UT

Top American
Audiologists — Wherever
You Live

If you have to visit a clinic to get hearing help, you’re limited to the audiology providers that work in your neighborhood. Not with Earlux.

Because our services are delivered online, we can recruit the best audiologists from all around the country — and you have access to this A-grade medical team, no matter where you live.

We’re Independent, So You Get What You Need

Most hearing companies are trying to sell you their own branded hearing aids. Earlux is different. Our focus is 100% on delivering the best hearing health service, not pushing a particular product. So we’ve done our research to find the very finest hearing technologies.

We give you unbiased, independent advice, helping you choose the brand and solution that truly matches your needs.

Tuning is Everything! Discover Earlux Cortex-5

Imagine an orchestra with wonderful musicians but all the instruments are out of tune. Horrible! You can have a similar problem with even the best hearing devices. They need tuning — and that takes time, care and skill.

This is a special focus for Earlux, and we’ve developed our own process to give you the finest possible experience. It’s called Cortex-5, and it sets the standard for the entire industry.

Earlux Cortex-5 works with every major brand of prescription hearing device, so it doesn’t affect our recommendations to you.

Using this powerful methodology, our experts will fine-tune your devices step-by-step — not just once, but over your first few weeks of use. That’s what gets you the greatest clarity AND the greatest comfort.