Hearing from the Heart

Earlux was founded by people who care about people.

Our mission is to raise the quality of hearing health for everyone, through our products, our services, and simply by sharing our knowledge.

Something Was Missing

When we surveyed the hearing industry, we realized something was missing. Companies were competing aggressively to sell high-end hearing aids, without providing the quality of support that individuals need when they start using these devices.

Because most products were sold through bricks-and-mortar clinics, they were expensive (to cover the provider’s costs) and the quality of care depended on
who happened to be in the locality.

A Fresh Start

We resolved to create a new company based on three principles:


Lower the cost of the best hearing aid technologies.


Increase the quality of support customers receive.


Expand the choices to meet a far wider range of needs.

We decided to redefine ourselves as a “hearing health” company —
not a “hearing aid” company.

Practically, our solution includes these key factors:


We developed our proprietary Cortex-5 methodology to ensure individuals get the absolute best performance possible from their prescription devices.

Virtual Clinic

Using technology to deliver in-home services allows us to reduce prices while improving the quality of care, drawing on top audiologists throughout the United States.

Product Independence

Rather than binding ourselves to one manufacturer, we research and offer the best product solutions we can find.


A Wider Range

In addition to prescription hearing aids, we offer over-the-counter products, hearing protection, advanced tinnitus relief technology, and online hearing training.


We provide a continuous flow of information to help people protect their hearing and enhance their hearing experience.

Seeing the Big Picture

For Earlux, hearing health isn’t something separate. It’s part of
our overall health, affecting our work, relationships, brain
function, balance and psychological well-being.

Today, there’s a growing crisis in hearing health. 12.5% of
American children and teenagers (age 6 to 19) are suffering from noise-induced damage to their hearing. That’s not dramatically less than the adult population (age 20 to 69) with 17% permanent damage. This trend is cause for concern.

Worldwide, disabling hearing loss is increasing. According to the World Health Organization, it currently affects about 5% of the global population. By 2050 the WHO projects it will impact 10%.

There’s no doubt that audio technology, such as earbuds for
music, are part of the problem. Generally, we live in an
increasingly noisy environment. There’s a growing need for education, prevention and affordable treatment.

Earlux the Innovator

Earlux is geared to meet the future with new and more effective solutions. We’re passionate about advancing the cause of hearing health for everyone, and that’s why we emphasize prevention as much as treatment.

We’re a forward-looking company, and we are constantly reviewing the latest science and technology to help our customers hear better.