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GS Extreme 2.0

In-the-Ear Electronic Hearing Protection

AXIL’s GS Extreme 2.0 silencer earbuds suppress
harmful noise but amplify low-level sounds so you
can safely hear what others say.

Ideal for shooters and hunters, these advanced in-the-ear devices allow you to
communicate on the range while protecting your hearing from gun blasts.
Owning GS Extreme 2.0 is like having three products in one — Bluetooth
earbuds, noise isolation headphones and electronic ear muffs.
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Powerful Noise Reduction

GS Extreme 2.0 from AXIL provide high-level protection with a single number rating (SNR) of 29 decibels.

These advanced devices protect your hearing utilizing AXIL’s smooth and super-fast sound compression technology. Any sounds over 85 decibels are instantly reduced to keep your hearing from harm.

Heavy-duty foam earplugs ensure maximum seal in any canal size.

Speech Gets Through

Safety on the shooting range can depend on hearing what others are saying. AXIL’s electronic earbuds come with built-in microphones to clearly capture normal speech.

High-quality speakers deliver crisp, crystal-clear sound to both ears.

Long Days of Use?
No Problem

With easy-to-recharge battery securely held on a lanyard, AXIL GS Extreme 2.0 give you 25 hours’ hearing enhancement and protection. Plus, you get 120 hours standby time.

If you’re using for audio only, you get a full 9 hours’ use, and 8 hours when hearing enhancement and protection are used together.

Bluetooth Control

Bluetooth gives you easy control of volume and protection, plus the option to take phone calls or stream your favorite music.

You have easy-to-click controls on the devices themselves. That means you don’t need to open your phone to accept a call, end a call, return the last call, get Siri (iPhone), or skip a song.

Comfort is Paramount

GS Extreme 2.0 earbuds are designed for comfort, with a choice of foam and silicone tips. They are constructed with medical grade, non-allergenic acrylic shells.

AXIL’s unique Sportfit ear hooks ensure the earbuds stay in your ear all day long, even in the most active situations.


  • Control the hearing enhancement for normal hearing to moderate hearing loss
  • 5.0 Bluetooth audio for studio quality audio & hands free communication
  • Compresses sounds at 85 dB or louder
  • 6.5 premium dynamic speaker
  • 0 Hz-40,000 Hz sound spectrum
  • 19 dB SNR with silicone tips
  • 29 dB SNR with foam tips
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