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Trackr Blu

Bluetooth Electronic
Muffs for Ultimate
Hearing Protection

Exposed to severe noise? Give yourself the best
possible protection.

For shooting, hunting and industrial environments, AXIL Trackr Blu
electronic muffs allow you to hear normal sounds while protecting your
hearing from damaging noise.
These light-weight devices give you superior protection while offering
the convenience of Bluetooth connection.
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Split-Second Protection

When it comes to severe noise, Trackr Blu electronic muffs provide the ultimate in protection. AXIL’s AutoBlocker technology compresses all sounds over 82 dB in just 0.02 seconds — that’s almost instantaneous.

In every situation, these powerful devices deliver an impressive single number rating (SNR) of 27 decibels.

For anyone exposed to explosive or continuous loud noise, Trackr Blu electronic muffs are an investment in life-long hearing health.

Hear What Matters

AXIL Trackr Blu electronic muffs let you hear everyday sounds, such as conversation, while protecting you from sudden hazardous noise. Now you can feel safe while enjoying clear hearing in any environment.

Sound is smoothly delivered with 40 dB gain, and you can turn the volume up or down at any moment, to your exact desired level.

In addition, if you’re outdoors, Trackr Blu muffs automatically reduce annoying wind noise.

New! Bluetooth 5.0

AXIL’s Trackr Blu electronic muffs give you premium hearing protection coupled with Bluetooth 5.0 for fastest connection and highest performance.

You can easily make and take phone calls, and stream your favorite music, while enjoying the ultimate in hearing protection.

Supreme Comfort

Comfort is important, whether you’re out shooting or working in a noisy environment. Trackr Blu’s compact, lightweight construction and easy-fitting headband ensure all-day comfort.

In addition, these electronic muffs are designed to be sweat and water resistant.


40 dB gain/amplification
AutoBlocker technology compresses all sounds over 82 dB
27 dB SNR hearing protection
Reduces wind noise
Sweat & water resistant
Sound activated compression – 0.02 second reaction time
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