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Affordable and Effective

If your hearing challenges are mild, you can get immediate help at lower cost without a prescription.

We’ve searched the new world of over-the-counter hearing aids on your behalf, and we’ve used our expertise to select the very best options. Check them out:
Affordable, High-Quality Earbuds That Are Small But Effective
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Affordable, high-quality earbuds that are small but effective
Superb Receiver-In-The-Ear Devices For Greater Sound Control
Sontro OTC Hearing Aids
Superb receiver-in-the-ear devices for greater sound control
Almost Invisible In-The-Ear Devices From A World-Class Brand
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Almost invisible in-the-ear devices from a world-class brand
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They’ve Changed the Rules… and You Benefit

Until now, you needed a prescription to get hearing aids. True, you could buy devices in the pharmacy that looked like hearing aids, but they were just tiny amplifiers.

Now the US government has changed the rules. You can get “over-the-counter” technology that doesn’t just increase the volume — it improves sound clarity. You can buy directly, right here at the Earlux website. And you don’t need to visit with an audiologist or get a prescription.

A Basic Solution for Mild Hearing Loss

The new basic products are like “readers” for the ears. If your eyesight is pretty good, but you need help when reading, you can pick up reading glasses at a store without a prescription. That’s how it is with the new over-the-counter hearing devices.
So why doesn’t everyone get an OTC product? There are several reasons…

Do-It-Yourself Fitting

Non-prescription devices are great news because they put hearing help in reach of far more people. But they have limitations.

Most important, you’re on your own when it comes to fitting and setting up your hearing aids. With prescription devices, you get the personal care of a doctor-led team of audiology experts.

Of course, with Earlux you’ll get excellent customer service with any purchase. But only a licensed specialist can advise you on your hearing health.

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Control and Connection

The basic devices give you less control on how sound reaches your ears. By contrast, with Earlux prescription devices, you get expert fitting and careful “tuning”, with aftercare that continues as long as you need it.

If you understand all that, a basic solution may be just right for you. The important step is to test your hearing first.

Your First Step

Take your hearing health seriously! Before spending any money, let us help you make an informed decision.

If you haven’t yet done so, answer our “7 Simple Questions”. Then we can begin guiding you to the best and most affordable solution.

Better still, consult a hearing specialist. At Earlux, your first consultation is FREE! You’ll get expert guidance that’s focused on your personal hearing experience.

Rest assured, we will never try to sell you a solution you don’t need. If an over-the-counter solution is right for you, we’ll be the first to tell you.

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Ready to Choose?

If you’re confident that a basic solution is right for you, let us show you what we’ve selected for you

Each device we’ve chosen offers superb technology and comes from one of the most trusted names in hearing devices. We’ve tested them thoroughly, and we’re convinced that they deliver excellent performance for people with mild hearing challenges.