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The Earlux
Guide to

Today, you have more choices than ever to meet
your hearing needs. Here’s a quick guide to the
three main types of hearing device.

Receiver In Canal (RIC)

These are the most popular hearing devices because they give you the most control of your hearing experience.

There’s a speaker that sits inside the ear canal. This connects via a tiny wire to a small capsule that sits behind the ear.

Bluetooth connection for streaming and phone app control is included.

Today, RIC devices are designed to be barely visible, so you get the best service while feeling comfortable about how they look.

Completely In Canal (CIC)

CIC devices are located entirely inside the ear canal and are effectively invisible to the casual observer.

These tiny hearing aids are the best choice when looks are paramount. The technology is excellent, but they do provide less detailed control than RIC devices.

Sports Buds

Sports buds have grown in popularity because they look like audio buds you use to listen to music on your phone, but are actually full prescription hearing aids!

They’re easy to take in and out, according to your environment or activity. They come with Bluetooth connection for streaming and phone app control.

Sport Buds add a “coolness” factor for a new generation of users.

A Choice of Leading Brands

Because Earlux is independent, we recommend the device that’s right for you. We know the industry, and these are the best hearing technology brands available:

You’re Always Connected and In Control:

Bluetooth Connection
and Easy Recharging for
RIC and Sports Buds

All our RIC and Sports Buds devices include Bluetooth connectivity for high-quality audio streaming. That means you can easily listen to online music, videos, and audio books. What’s more, you can connect your hearing devices directly to your phone for crystal-clear hands-free calls.

You control your devices through an easy-to-use mobile app, available free on the Apple Store or Google Play.

Your app lets you make quick and easy adjustments to your device settings, so it’s always tuned exactly to your needs. You can adjust program and volume, system sounds, power on delay, battery use, and flight mode.

Our RIC and Sports Buds devices also feature the fastest charging lithium-ion powercell batteries on the market. They deliver 20 to 30 hours of wear time. Charging is quick and easy.

Streaming TV:
Sit Back and Enjoy

If you like watching TV, you’ll love how RIC and Sports Buds your devices make it easier. Brilliant technology wirelessly streams audio from your TV set into your hearing devices. No wires, no headsets… and the sound is all at Dolby Digital quality. If you’re watching TV with someone else wearing hearing devices, the technology can stream into multiple pairs of compatible devices at the same time.

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