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The Fast Track
to Clearer

All in the Comfort
of Your Own Home

Earlux Full Service Solutions are all delivered
to you in your own home.

Technology makes this possible — and easy! You can relax: all you do is switch on your laptop, tablet or phone and click a link to make the video connection with our team.

It’s better to test your hearing at home, with a loved one, because you can assess the real world challenges you deal with every day. You’ll get a special otoscope in the mail so we can be sure there’s nothing physical obstructing your hearing. It’s easy to use, and we’ll explain exactly how when we meet with you online.

“Service and response from Earlux is so much quicker than a normal doctor’s office.”

Carolyn S, Dallas, TX

“I have worn them everyday for 8 months. It has changed my life.”

Craig S. Orlando, FL

Fitting and Tuning… We’ve Got This!

If you’re wondering how it’s possible to fit and tune hearing devices online, rest assured. We’ve done this thousands of times and the service is as good as a clinic can deliver, if not better.

Once you’ve chosen your devices, we’ll mail them to you ahead of your fitting. Then your doctor-led team will show you how to wear the devices, how to use the app, and how to take care of them. We’ll tune your devices remotely while you wear them at home — nothing better!

Let Us Help You Step-by-Step

Here’s the complete Earlux process to get you the best possible hearing solution.
Step 1

First Consultation

Here’s what happens at your first consultation:

  • Come online with us on a video call with your phone, tablet or computer.
  • Meet with a trained Hearing Pro.
  • Answer detailed questions about your needs.
  • Receive an online hearing test.
  • Discuss your case and test results.
  • Receive recommendations for the best choice of device.
Step 2

Expert Fitting

The device fitting is a crucial step.

Here’s what happens prior to fitting:

  • You and our team discuss and agree on your preferred device.
  • Our licensed audiologist reviews your test results and approves the device selection.
  • Your fitting appointment is scheduled.
  • Your devices are shipped to you.
  • A special “otoscope” is also shipped to check your ears.

And here’s how the fitting itself is conducted:

  • You’re online with us for the fitting process: it’s best if a loved one is present.
  • We conduct an additional “word recognition” hearing test.
  • Your ears are checked using the otoscope: we’ll show you how.
  • You try on your new devices.
  • Your provider “tunes” your devices using Earlux Cortex-5 process.
  • We show you how to connect, manage and clean your devices.

The great advantage of this at home fitting is that we verify your device settings in your own living environment. This is a much better way to get a good long-term result.

Step 3

Tuning & Support

Follow-up support is as important as the fitting, and it’s where many hearing companies can let you down.

Your brain needs time to adjust to your new devices, so we gradually increase their activity over days or weeks.

You can expect:

  • Initial weekly follow-ups with your Earlux provider.
  • Continuous fine-tuning of your devices.
  • Gradual increase to “full prescription” levels, so your brain can adjust.
  • Access to help between follow-ups if you have questions or problems.
  • Annual check-ups with your provider.
  • Friendly customer service so long as you need us.

Earlux is passionate about delivering the best expert support you can find. Our focus is your hearing health, and we’re serious about giving you the care you need.

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