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Enhance the sound, not just the noise. That’s what
you can expect from Jabra, the leading brand for
affordable, non-prescription hearing devices.

With 150 years in business, helping millions of people with
their hearing health, Jabra is a brand to trust.
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Hear More of Life

Jabra Enhance Plus helps you focus on what you’re listening to — without turning up the volume. Enjoy crystal clear speech clarity in every situation:

  • Chatting with your spouse or partner
  • Playing with the kids
  • Listening to music
  • Conversing on the phone
  • Socializing in a restaurant
  • Meeting at work

That’s all possible because Jabra has packed top-grade technology into a super-compact design. These small earbuds are easy to use, ultra-discreet and completely comfortable. They’re also water-resistant.

Battery life is great too: the Jabra devices run for 12 hours without recharging.

Choose Your Mode

With the Jabra app (iPhone only) you can switch between three different listening modes:

  • Adaptive:

    The technology adjusts to changes in the sound.

  • Focus:

    Give all your attention to a single sound source.

  • Surround:

    Pick up sounds from all around you.

Jabra Enhance Plus

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