Yes! You Can Train Your Hearing

To be more precise, you can train your listening. The sounds of speech come through your ears, but it’s your brain that has to make sense of them — in a split second.

With our help, you can train your brain to listen more effectively, so you can distinguish the words you hear faster and more accurately.

Hearing Training with Earlux includes a two-week online program that’s responsive to you. Plus you get a personal one-to-one coaching session with an Earlux specialist.

Enhance listening and communication skills with LACE (Listening & Communication Enhancement) program
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“LACE helps train your brain to listen better.”

LACE (Listening & Communication Enhancement)

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“Train your brain to better understand speech in background noise.”

Dr. Cory Cook, Earlux Co-founder

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You’re In Control

There could be many reasons you have a hard time picking up what people say. That’s why you should test your hearing and consult with an expert. But whatever the reason, hearing is never just about the ears. It involves your brain — and training your “listening brain” can only be good.

Earlux has made it easy for you to get the highest quality training, with an online program combined with in-person coaching.

In two weeks, you can expect to be better at:

Listening to higher-pitched voices (usually women and children)
Making out what people are saying in noisy environment
Understanding rapid speakers

All these are skills taught in the two-week program we provide.

How the Course Works

For two weeks, you’ll spend half an hour a day at your computer, tablet or phone using headphones to do a series of short, interesting exercises. You’ll hear voices of different kinds, words spoken against a noisy background, and speeded up speech. You’ll get instant feedback on how well you understand what you hear.

The Hearing Training Program is adaptive, which means that it keeps adjusting the exercises — making them harder or easier — according to your response. That helps you enjoy the process and build confidence.

As well as the exercises, the Hearing Training Program includes real-world advice on how to manage more effectively when your hearing isn’t so good.

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Personal Coaching

As well as the online course, Earlux gives you a one-to-one online coaching session to make sure you get the most from the training. You’ll have a chance to ask all your questions and focus on the aspects of hearing that you find most challenging. And you’ll get personal advice on how to use the training to address your specific needs.

If you wish, you can also use the time with your Earlux specialist to explore hearing protection and other aspects of hearing health that may be important to you.

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