How to Prepare for your First Fitting Appointment with Earlux

So you’ve taken that first step toward improving your hearing health and quality of life – you’ve purchased a pair of hearing aids from Earlux! Congratulations! You may be wondering what comes next.

First, watch your mail for that little brown box sealed with Earlux tape! It will contain your new hearing aids in their charging case, your otoscope (a tiny camera which we will use to look inside your ears), and a variety of supplies and spare parts. At your appointment, your audiologist will assess the physical fit of the hearing aids and help you to change out any parts that are needed in order to dial in the fit. Much of what you find in your box is, in fact, spare parts for exactly this purpose: you will have a variety of domes (the little rubber ear pieces that go on the ends of the hearing aids) and possibly an additional length of speaker wire. You may not need these at all, but you’ll have them if you do!

Please do not wear your hearing aids in advance of the appointment. You may try them on to see how they fit your ears, but remember that they are not yet fine-tuned to your prescription, so they may be too soft or too loud for you. We know it’s hard, but try to wait!

Please plug the hearing aid charger into the wall and place the hearing aids inside it. Make sure you see the lights come on when you put the hearing aids into the charger, so you know they’re charging. You will need the hearing aids to be fully charged before your appointment. You may also want to charge the otoscope.

Your next step is to install the needed apps on the phone or tablet that you’ll be using for the appointment. Your box (and the initial welcome email we sent) will include a list of which apps you will need.

Pick out a nice, quiet place where you won’t be disturbed during your fitting appointment. When the appointment time comes, please have the hearing aids plugged in next to where you will be sitting, even if they are already fully charged. You can use your phone for the entire appointment, but some people prefer to start with the video call on a laptop or tablet for ease of use; this is also fine. Have the box of supplies close to hand as well. Your audiologist will text you a link to start the video call.

Finally, get excited! New hearing aids may not be the most thrilling of purchases, but the improvements in your relationships and quality of life are something to look forward to. 

See you soon!